Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Breathing Space

Guess where I'm going???

May is going to be a busy, crazy, exciting month for our family....we've got "Oh Sweet Sadie" going on for which we are vendors...we will be selling our little book, "Where Did the Sun Go?" and some cute burlap banners, adorable burlap & epherma wreaths & some other goodies you will love! The best part is I will be attending "Breathing Space" a blogger's retreat! I get to stay in the adorable model homes at Daybreak (my dream location to live!) I'll be served meals, have a weekend getaway, attend amazing classes (can't wait for Nadine's "Material Girls" class on quilting!), a cooking class by "The Food Nanny", Liz Edmunds (my cookbook is ripped up cause I use it so much!), a cupcake class by the Sweet Tooth Fairy (delicious!) and a many other fun classes! I am also going to drive the fairways on a golf cart!!! Not that I golf, but I like driving golf carts! I'm excited to get away for a night and really enjoy myself with other women who love the world of crafting...you know the really cool thing though? Diet Coke is one of the sponsors! Woohoo!

There are still spots available...just go here to find out more!  And check back in for more posts & pictures during the retreat & after!  May 4th - May 5th! 


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