Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Surgery Success!

Oh my heck!  I am pleased to tell you that I had my surgery this morning at 7:30 am and am sitting up in my hospital bed typing this post!  I have been in so much pain the past 6 months and I can already tell that the crazy leg burning and buzzing and pain that has been shooting from my hip down to my toes is completely gone!  There is pain but a different kind of pain....I'm so grateful to the neurosurgeon and awesome nurses and husband who've been taking such good care of me!  I have a crazy appetite and after being on a liquid diet most of the day (yes, chocolate shakes!) I've been upgraded to regular food!  Yay!  Dinner was honey pecan crusted chicken with sweet potato fries, side salad, cheesecake with fresh strawberries for dessert and all the diet coke I can food has definitely improved!  Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes...friends in my neighborhood are feeding my children dinner tonight....what a blessing....I am grateful to a Heavenly Father who has sustained me through this trial and I'm grateful for the woman who came in yesterday during my pre-op appointment and shared with me all about her quadruple bypass she was having this morning....I saw her roll by my bed and was able to put my trials into perspective...the best part is I'll be able to recuperate and I'm well enough to look on Pinterest and blogs and to catch up on some reading!  If I have spelling errors on this post or if things don't make sense, please forgive me, it's the drugs! 


  1. So happy that your surgery went well and the food is good! Very cute birthday party with "george".
    Take care!

  2. I"m glad you are doing better- what can I do for you?! You take care of everyone else in the ward, it's my turn! Food? Treats? Babysitting? What?! Love ya- Jen

  3. I was thinking of you that day. I'm so glad that it went well.


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