Friday, March 16, 2012


Shhhh....I found this little gem today while driving around an unnamed town...I've seen this before but could not remember where I'd seen with my trusty dusty detective (my daughter) we drove around until we found old, aging house or former warehouse that looks as if it's about to fall down...but that's the exciting part about it!  There appeared to be treasures everywhere...I got my handy camera out and starting snapping pictures until we noticed the sign that said "NO PICTURES!" only adding to the excitement...!  After snagging a few more shots we peeled out of the gravel driveway and will return when they open on the 24th of March!  Much fun was had today...
I LOVE treasure hunting!

This is my dream car

junk & treasures as far as the eye could see 

treasures hung over the door

what??? closed for winter...not open until March 24th???

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  1. I drive by there almost everyday. I've never been inside though.


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