Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby

My youngest turned 6!  She is so excited to be 6 and getting older but it pulls at my heart cause that means my baby is growing up!  I was so caught up in just "surviving" being a Mother when they were much to do.  all the time.  I'm a little older now and able to remind myself to slow down a little, take your time and notice the moment....enjoy every minute because it goes by so fast. 

I love you Zoe.  I love your hair, your smile, your quirky expressions.  I love the way you talk to EVERYONE, always saying kind things to people like the little boy at Costco the other day.  You told him that he was such a good boy for eating his dinner all gone and that he could now have a treat.  I saw the Mother turn and smile at you.  She didn't know little children could be so kind.  You always say the funniest things that make me smile.  When your 14 year old brother came in last week you said, "well look who it is, the man of the hour".  That made us laugh.  It may be hard some days being the youngest of 6 but your personality has all the qualities you will need to be a great kid in these crazy times....your Dad and I love you SO much and feel SO blessed and lucky that we have you in our lives. 

 Happy Birthday Baby. 


  1. Oh Zoe! Happy birthday beautiful girl xx

  2. Love, love Zoe. She is the sweetest. She makes me laugh too. Happy birthday Miss Zoe.


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