Thursday, February 9, 2012

Busy!! Books!! Birthdays!! What begins with B?

 I've been busy, busy, busy since we printed these little books!  We've been so blessed with lots of people who have loved the story and illustrations and who purchased all of our books at the Oh Sweet Sadie Art & Gift Show !!!  Thank you!  We sold at the show and are having several more printed as we are still getting orders in...if you would like to purchase this book titled, "Where did the Sun Go?" written by my husband, Gary Ishmael and illustrated by the Water Media Mama (my Mom), then go here: 

The week we were getting ready for the show was also my daughter's 11th Birthday!  Can you believe this little nugget is getting so grown up???  We held a sock monkey birthday breakfast to celebrate her big day!  Monkey bread, bananas & lot's of sausage were on hand to feed this crew!  Lots of fun & celebrating for a girl who truly deserves it! 

Happy Birthday Mackenzie!

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  1. What a fun looking party. You always do the cutest parties. When I turn 40 in two years will you please help Kenneth plan me a big party? He doesn't like parties, but I do.:)


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