Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Thoughts

Wanted to post some Happy Thoughts. 
These are memories that I can recall in difficult times.

My childhood, particularly when I was in elementary school.  Making tree forts in the almond trees in my front yard.  Kickball games that went til after dark.  My favorite teacher Mr. Mizuno.  My Mom having cookies baking when we got home from school.  Our swimming pool!  My friend Allison and her sweet family.  The fire burning on cold days.  Christmas morning traditions.  Listening to my father play his jazz records while I went off to sleep.  Our blind neighbor Chuck Lunkley on the roof, on a ladder hanging a Christmas star.  Trips to McDonalds which were a special occasion.  My Mom pulling us out of school on a rare day of snow in California and then bringing us home to play in the snow.  Being voted the best kickball player out of all the girls and beating the teachers in a end of school kickball game.  Crush on Angelo Oliva (he was adorable).  Being a Mom (most days), being able to stay home with my kids.  My kids and the funny things they say and do!  Mackenzie's laugh, Zoe's laugh, Kayla's snort.  My husband.  Our relationship and how he "gets" me.  When we crack up and can't stop.  My brave son Eric. His smile.  My helpful son Zack. His math brains, how I can make him smile.  My daughter Chelsea wiping her mouth on the roll towel and noone ever letting her forget it. Our trip to California last summer.  My cousins. The Christmas we spent with the Perkins and Santa came in the middle of the night.  My niece's baby Ellie. Her expressive eyebrows.  My sister being a grandma and her husband surprising her with such a good Christmas!  You rock James!  Christmas time.  The Savior and my Father in Heaven.  I could go on...but these happy thoughts should help me out for a while.  I have so much to be thankful for in my life and I needed to write them down to remind myself.  Once again, thanks for letting me get personal.

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