Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Crazy Family Christmas Photos

After last year's fiasco of getting the WRONG family photo sent to me AFTER Christmas resulting in NO Christmas photo for 2010 I was hell bent DETERMINED to get a Christmas picture of my family out at any cost....well the cost was pretty HIGH...I told everyone to show up at the church (where my husband was in meetings). They were told to wear black & red and BE ON TIME so we could get the shot before the sun disappeared, which is pretty early these days. They all showed up on time, some wearing the required colors and a few in forest green and a bright Christmasy green...ok, I could deal with that so we began taking pictures with my daughter's roommate as the husband yet as he could not get out of his meeting....and so the following is a result of our crazy Christmas pictures! We have officially recorded our 2011 family photo for our posterity and at the last minute my husband did show up....wearing BROWN!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Your family is gorgeous! The pictures are just beautiful, worth waiting a year for :o)


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