Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Clean Up

Oh man...the daunting task of taking the Christmas Decorations down...or is it?  Sometimes it feels good to have everything put away from the holidays and start the new year out with a clean, decluttered house.  That's what I'm going to try and achieve this weekend although it'll be hard with record warm weather and a beautiful sun outside!  Have you started taking your decorations down yet?  When do you usually start? I've started "undecorating" the kid's playroom so they have more play space but the rest of the house is coming down a bit slower.  Once thing I did this morning (after stepping on the scale after 3 months of not wanting to know my weight) is write a list of goals I want to can guess that weight loss is on that's on my list every year!  What's on your list?

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  1. I don't put away Christmas until the kids are back in school. The week between Christmas and New Years I try to do as little as possible.:)

    This year I have health on my list. This past year I've had a lot of pain, but I hate going to the doctor. So my goal is to get my pain and health taken care of this year. I love new beginnings!


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