Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bought the turkey

My husband is home now and I can't believe how much I missed him...I consider myself pretty independent but not this last week...it was hard for some reason...for all you ladies who have husbands who travel a lot, I tip my hat to you...if you have a good man, you don't realize until their gone for a week, just how much they contribute to your home....it's been nice because after 20+ hours flying on planes, and hanging out in different airports, he's taken a couple of days off and has been hanging around...today I invited him along on an outing to Costco with 3 daycare kids in tow...good times to be had shopping with little kids.  While there we picked out the bird, our Thanksgiving Turkey!  My husband cooks the turkey every year and this is a job he takes seriously....we got a 21 pounder and it now it sits in our freezer waiting to be dressed and seasoned and cooked!  What are your Thanksgiving traditions?  Do you have lots of family or just a few for Thanksgiving this year?  Are you traveling far or staying close to home?  Today I met a woman who'd never cooked a turkey because the in-laws or her Mom has always done it...that would be nice...but then there are no leftovers and to us, that is the best part!  My gratitude this week is for my sweet husband and my family....my crazy 6 kids who make the holidays fun, chaotic and amazing.  

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  1. We are going to my family's for Thanksgiving. I am going to miss the leftovers so much.:(


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