Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I was awesome!

I went and it was awesome as usual!  See pictures below!

So Marci and Dave have a beautiful farm located in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  Every year they get their craft on and hold a huge handmade crafts sale called Fallow Field Farm friends Shanon and Sophie went with me this time and the minute we got through the beautiful gates I scored my first purchase!  A 3-tiered metal tray...ORANGE!  It's going on my porch for now and will hold tiers of pumpkins...can you just see it?  Later it'll hold towels in my bathroom, or maybe be used in the laundry many uses...and for just $12 bucks...SCORE!  (pics to come)

We were welcomed by a gorgeous Welcome Sign

I love Marci's attention to detail...sweet little banners hung everywhere from the entrance, to the farm pathways and even inside the Honey Bucket!  Yes...there were little banners hung inside the porta-potty!  Love it!  Aren't they pretty?  Their made of newspaper and addition/subtraction flash cards

Vintage wagon full of pumpkins...sweet touches that make this show so special...I love the detail stuff!

this little gateway adorned with bunting and canning jars filled with candy corn led us to the back of the farm...I loved every bit of it...!

Thanks Marci & Dave...I know how much work goes into these shows, I know it doesn't seem worth it sometimes but as a patron....PLEASE keep doing it!  We love you and look forward to this every year!

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  1. thank you sweet lady!!! sorry i haven't gotten back to your are welcome anytime. just give me a heads up so we won't wonder who is in our back yard.;D i might steal some of these pictures too if you don't mind. big hug! it was so good to see your face at the show and i'm glad that you got the orange tray!!


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