Friday, March 11, 2011


After a long...very long week I am so grateful that it is Friday!  The sun is beautiful outside today...I got my hour walk in this morning and about 2 hours yesterday (bout killed me) but now I'm ready to tackle all the dead weeds I never got to before winter hit us this year...I NEED the sun like people need water....being raised in California my whole life made me a sun lover....long winters and days of no sun make me get the blues...this winter has not been too bad and I wonder if it's because I've been exercising...I kept the 26 pounds I lost during the summer off all winter and that is a MIRACLE....I have a long list of stuff to do this weekend but it includes spraypaint and an outdoor table & chairs set I got at a yard sale last fall for $25 bucks....I want pillows like THESE...

but will end up with Walmart's Better Homes & Garden collection because they are what I can afford....AND they match the oranges, lime greens and yellows I already have...I love spring and summer and the delicious colors...

Happy Friday my friends...have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I must say that exercising outside made a huge difference for me last year with my mood. I usually have a really hard time in Feb, but walking almost everyday last year helped so much. I'm proud of you for keeping those pounds off.

  2. Those are very wonderful and lovely pillows.


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