Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Giveaway!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 
Today is the last chance to post your comment for the Valentine Giveaway!
Because I LOVE my blog friends, AND because it's the month of LOVE, and because it's VALENTINE'S DAY next week, AND because I love, love FEBRUARY (because it's almost Spring), and because I actually got my craft stuff out and MADE some Valentines, I thought I'd give a couple away!  Would you like one?

If so, do the following...

1.  Post a comment telling me about your best Valentine's Day ever!

2.  For a second chance, leave me a second comment if you post this giveaway on your blog.

3. Please make sure to leave me a way to contact you if you are the lucky duck winner!

4. Sorry to my out of country friends, but this giveaway is open only to Canada and United States due to shipping costs.  (I tried mailing a card at Christmas and it cost me $10 dollars!  Ack!)

I will be drawing TWO lucky winners on VALENTINE'S DAY
Good Luck Everyone!
Winner will be announced on February 15th!


  1. Um, Pick me! I love LOVE anything you make!

  2. I want one too! How do I leave what you asked for? Do you want it on Facebook or like right here?? I am soooo blog inept!! Love you!

  3. Bruce and I aren't big on celebrating Valentine's day, but one year when Halle was a toddler I loved that we were able to get a sitter and go to the Stake Valentine's dance. Since we met dancing and competed together, it was so nice to dance again--without a toddler in the middle!

  4. Very nice Valentine's!
    Hubby surprised me once with a pretty necklace. He isn't the romantic or giftie guy. That was special.

  5. What a beautiful Valentine! I wish I had your creative talent! My best valentines day was in husband had a hockey game that night and he scored a hat trick. After the game he got down on one knee with a diamond and purposed :)

  6. Super cute valentine!

    Last year my mother-in-law drove across the country with a van full of Ikea stuffs and arrived on Valentines day. The best thing she brought with her- My SIL Audrey! It was a really wonderful surprise!

    PS- I have a surprise for you from Hong Kong! Now if it'll stop snowing I might actually get my booty over to the post office.

  7. Christine,
    For some reason I didn't get that you were the same Christine as the one I talk to often about my CD images!!!!! LOL Boy do I feel silly! I would love one fo your valetines....honest! :):) Sandy

  8. I love your cute valentine's stuff! You always make such cute things!

  9. I love your valentines so my fingers and toes are crossed! I'll be blogging about it too! Thanks for this chance!

  10. Every year is the best Valentine's Day when you spend it with those you love. Me and my men are going to make sugar cookies, have a scavenger hunt with a fun little cupid and of course lots of treats!!!

  11. I would hang up my valentines. Um, out of reach:)

  12. My favorite Valentine's was when Kenneth and I were dating. He made a drawing for me, which I totally love and wrote me a sweet card with a cryptic message about something he had wanted to get me, but that would have to wait until my birthday(which is a month after Valentine's). He didn't get me the thing until my birthday, but apparently he couldn't wait for the question part because he asked me on Feb 15th to marry him.:)

    I also posted your giveaway on my blog.

  13. The best Valentines Day I ever had was when I was in middle school. It was Valentines Day. I was called out of class to the front office because I had something waiting for me. When I arrived I signed for a dozen plus balloons with a note attached from a secret admirer. It was all mysterious and no one would say any more about when they came and who delivered them. I kept all those balloons for years even after all the helium ran out. I can not put into words how cool, special, and wonderful I felt walking around with those balloons. Thanks mom! You are the best!

  14. Love it! The perfect Valentine <3

  15. I love Valentines Day becuase it's the one day of the year I don't feel quilty eating chocolate :-]

  16. Oh shoot I didn't do that right. Ok my best Valentines Day was when my current boyfriend bought me this huge stuffed dog with a flower in its mouth & a big thing of chocolates. It was so unexpected since we'd only been on one date & weren't together!

  17. My favorite memory of valentine's Well one year my mom and I filled my dads truck with balloons and hearts. My dad and I haven't always had the best bond but it was fun doing something nice and a little sneaky!
    I want to win! Pick me!

  18. So cute! Love them. I thought I had missed the deadline to enter, but saw your post on facebook today. Didn't want to miss this one!


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