Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gone Glitzy Glam!

So Christmas is a big process around here....I love decorating and changing things around...every year is something a little "norm" though is fun & bright using reds, greens, yellows...cutesy and kid friendly....but this year I just wanted a little bit of glam & sparkle so I did my family room in a more elegant style....I bought everything last year on clearance....and I scored....I still added a bit of "fun & whimsy" by putting my little Annalee elf in the "glitzy glam" tree....I love how it turned out....I found french post cards and just popped a hole in the top and added a pretty little hook I found last year....that silver ornament with the satin ribbon and sparkle tree was only $2.50!  And....I stopped by my Mom's yesterday and she gave me a bunch of beautiful ornaments that were my grandmothers and ornaments she'd bought years ago...all gorgeously elegant & vintage....again, SCORE!  I still  have the fun stuff in the other rooms and I'll show you those pictures another off I go to sit on my cozy couch with a cup of hot chocolate, reading the newest "Martha Stewart" mag and to let myself be blinded dazzled by the bling!!....only 20 shopping days left until Christmas!

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