Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm dreaming of a Cath Kidston Christmas...

I just got my Cath Kidston catalog in the mail and it is divine!!!  My dream would be to spend Christmas in England and to be able to shop til I dropped in this they have Black Friday in England???...probably not...are there ever good sales at her store???  I hope so....

 let me show you all of the stuff I'm dreaming of...starting with this adorable apron...

It would be so fun to have a tree full of Cath Kidston ornaments!

the cutest fabrics to choose from...I'll take a metre in each design!

See the cute little Union Jack pin cushion???  I have one!  My friend Lemonade Kitty sent me one!

I love the little wooden Beefeater stacking toy! and the London oilcloth carry-all...British cards would go great in my post card collection!

Love all the colors!


Here's to Christmas Wishes!


  1. My hubby went to London a month or so ago and went shopping at Cath Kidston for me! What a treat! Even he was blown away by how fabulous her shops were. Just wish I lived there so I could buy more.

  2. They do have sales at Cath Kidston in England although the stuff I want is never in the sale! I recently bought that Christmas apron, it's gorgeous. I also bought the tablecloth that matches and some Christmas cards. There is always lots that I love so I try not to go into her shops very often!!


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