Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Farm Chicks New Christmas Cookbook!

So I'm lame...I was supposed to post this on Friday and here it is Sunday night and I am just remembering to do this!  I hate when I'm forgetful and I really wanted you all to know about this sweet here's what we all missed on Friday because my brain is too full of mush!  My apologies to Serena...

I am so excited to announce a virtual book signing by one of my FAVORITE bloggers in the business!  Friday only, you can order Serena of "The Farm Chicks" Christmas cookbook!   It's adorable as you'll see in the pics below! 
You'll receive a signed copy from Serena AND all of the other ladies who contributed to the book but you must order before 1:00 pm!  (sorry would've been signed had I posted on time....soooo....

Just go to The Farm Chicks and order now!

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