Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Decor

Here's a look at our house around Halloween...I probably go a bit too far...but it's for the kids you's for the's that adorable vintage oilcloth table cover my cute daughter Kayla found on Balboa Island in California...and mailed to me....I just lub her so bad.

Recycle your candy....candy is expensive....and threaten your children with their lives if they eat out of these jars...!  The problem is the husband...who sneaks gummy worms....what's up with that?  Just buy yourself a bag and stay out of my jars!  (I'm totally kidding...or am I?)

This is in my entryway...the little daycare kids hang their backpacks & sweaters here.

   This is where the witch hangs her cloak and brooms....notice there are 3 brooms....hmmmmm

I love this little pumpkin... 

                                    Old can, fun paper & ribbon and fill it with candy

Find a broken branch out in a field somewhere, paint it black and get Martha Stewart's crows...they even come with the sticky dots.... 

This is that fun garland I found at Thanksgiving Point...see posting from 10/13 for the link...cute vintage paper made into of my favorite purchases this year... 

My piano top got a makeover with cheesecloth and candles...I put Halloween paper around the candles...the pop up chandelier was from Target...hopefully the house won't burn down when I light them on Halloween....yikes

Two spooky skulls replaced my candles...

Happy Halloween!

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