Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Downtown Disney

On my latest trip to California to drop my girl Kayla off, we headed towards Downtown Disney...it's a great outdoor shopping mall located right next to Disneyland...in fact, you can jump on the monorail right in Downtown...I love Disney's eye for detail and as Halloween is coming soon, they were getting ready to celebrate! 

I'm gonna do this with my apothecary jars...so simple & fun
Lot's of candy as far as the eye can see!
I would love to put together this garland...isn't it just gorgeous?
These little vintage aprons were just $15.00!
The apron will come in handy when I'm making treats and using my Disney sprinkles!
These ice cream scoops were fun all piled up in a basket!
This little shop was filled with all kinds of candies & sweets...delicious!
Look how fun this little Taqueria looks!
I have to come back with my daughter Chelsea who is the QUEEN of unmatched socks...her socks never match...and she doesn't care....even if she's wearing a Halloween sock and a Christmas sock...sheesh!  So then I come across this shop where all they sell is mismatched socks!  Chelsea needs to shop here!

What a fun place to shop around....


  1. These look like wonderful shops, a sort of fantasyland of shopping. Love the socks. Isn't using glass jars to decorate the easiest thing in the world. That is my type of decorating...simple yet beautiful.

  2. Halloween is my favorite holiday!! I wish I coulda been there with you guys! Brian's Jenn Perkins


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