Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hip & Humble

So I thought I'd take you along with me to one of my all time favorite's located in downtown Salt Lake City and when I walk in I am just in love with all of the color everywhere...take a look!

I was impressed by how she made her wine barrels into art!
How would you like a refrigerator stocked full of this stuff?
See what I mean by the colors?  Amazing.
I'll take one of each in these aprons...are these gorgeous or what?
Dream for sure...I'm dreaming I have these vintage alphabet cards for my daughter's room!
Funky, fun artwork...
Big bed of color
I love this clever old tub used to display her rugs...I'll take one in each color!
I love this display cabinet...
I love these wall colors! 
I really love this lamp below....
What a fun way to take your lunch!


  1. Oh I love the colours!!!

    Hey, forget what's IN that fridge, I just want THE fridge! ha ha. X

  2. So many adorable things. I love the planters in front.


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