Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Flag Day!

I'd love a pair of patriotic shoes like these!


  1. well i'd love those shoes too!
    those are some cuties.
    the sand is all the big guys doing. it's ok except it's a place where kids like to play and a place i'd rather kids didn't play. ;D i do like the way it looks though.
    we didn't go to the farm chicks this year...i wish! we've been a couple of times but it was two years ago that we actually had a booth. ahhh two years, it goes by sooo fast!
    i'm going to start working on the fallow field farm blog here this week. got to get going on the show.
    are you wanting to come and do it this year?
    let me know and i'll get you out an application.

  2. Love the flag Christine, well and the shoes.
    Thanks for becoming a follower of mine.
    My mind is in a spin with all the sorting out of the blog, especially when I lost the layout tab, typical they did that when I first started!!

    At least I have something to do while all these football matches are on haha

  3. What a great blog!! I just love anything vintage :) Just found your blog randomly tonight and thought I'd say hi!


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