Friday, June 25, 2010

Fabulous Friday!

So check out this month's issue of Country the very end of the magazine is a picture and write up about a little place called S.O.S. Drugs, one of the last places in America where you can find a soda jerk....and guess what???  It's near my town!  So the kids and I headed on out for a fabulous Friday adventure and a sweet treat!  Pretty cool, huh?
And here she is....aint she pretty?
Look at all this cool stuff!
The kids choose ice cream the cone and then upside down in a cup...
Mr. Cool
The girls had bubblegum ice cream...the cones were only a buck a piece!
And then a little stop for Mom...this shop was so cute inside and had gorgeous quilts, fabric and all kinds of goodies!  I got to shop for all of 5 minutes before I could hear the kids arguing in the car...really guys?It was a fun day and a true step back into the past...


  1. Don't you love it? This is where my grandma still gets her prescriptions!! Great childhood memories for me at this place!!! I love it!

  2. I use to walk there with my friends in middle school...good memories. Looks like fun

  3. Where is it? Looks fun. Does Zoe ever have a normal face? We get lots of laughs over her faces

  4. we tried to go there and they were out of ice cream!

    you won on whatever!!! way to gooo lady i love those pillows!!


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