Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Featured Local Business!

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite places that opens for about one month per year! 
Valerie Mattson runs and owns "Flower Works". 
She's located in Eagle Mountain, Utah and every January you can bring Valerie your favorite pots & planters and she fills them with amazing flowers and plants and when you come in May to pick up your pots...they are gorgeous & huge! 

Here's what I had her plant...it's 3 tiers of pots and it will bloom all throughout the summer....love it!
And here's another favorite pot...an old pail....pretty, huh? 
Who is that interesting man standing in the middle of my favorite place? 
She has a great selection of veggies...got me some great herbs...
We've had a late start on spring this year...even this week we have high winds and cold weather...I planted my lettuces and sweet peas which I hear hold up in the winter weather and I cannot wait to get the rest of my veggies in the ground cause this summer I'm makin salsa!


  1. How fun! I love pots of flowers! We use to fill our deck in Seaside with beautiful pots of flowers. We left all those gorgeous pots for the new owners!Sigh...

  2. Where is this at?! I want to go!


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