Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Have a Friend in the UK!

So Jan from Lemonade Kitty and I have been e-mailing & blogging each other for a bit!  We both thought it would be fun to do a swap!  She would send some Cath Kidston my way and some other fun items and I would send some Mary Englebreit and some other fun items her way!  And so it goes that I now have a friend in the UK!  A blog friend or a modern version of a pen pal!  I can't tell you how fun it is to get a package from another country!  Thanks Jan and yours is on it's way!  If you'd like to see more about Lemonade Kitty just find her link located on the lower left of my blog!  She recently posted pictures of a bike ride she took through the countryside of England....makes me want to book a flight and drop by for a visit!

 Cath Kidston!
Look how cute her packaging is!  I didn't want to open it and ruin the packaging, but of course I did!  I had to see what was inside!
This package was loaded with all kinds of fun things!
A Union Jack pin cushion, a darling pillow made by Jan, cool post cards, ticket stubs, a Cath Kidston bag (love it!), CK seeds, lavender bags made by Jan (the box smelled so good), comics, adorable buttons, newspaper clips & so much more! 
Thank you so much Jan!
She also sent me a CK catalog!  I've gone on line and ordered these but they never arrived!  Can't wait to have a sit down and pour through this puppy!  I think it would be cheaper if I flew over and went shopping then to have stuff mailed to the US....I sure hope Jan loves my box of goodies cause I sure loved hers!


  1. Her package totally beats mine :) How fun to do a swap...I can't wait to see all of it up close...I need to find my own lemonade kitty...Yay for packages and friends in the UK...
    P.S. If you go there for a shopping trip count me in...

  2. That is so fun. I totally agree, you should book a ticket. You and Gary can come with us to the UK in September. We have a place for you to stay and we'll rent a car and drive around together. What do you say?

  3. What an awesome package to receive! Looks like Christmas at your house!

  4. That does look fun! What did you send?

  5. I'm so glad your package was everything you wished for, I loved getting everything together and almost wanted to keep it all for myself, looking forward to receiving yours real soon. Lucey xx

  6. oooo! what a fantastic swap! I live in UK but unfortunately no where near a Cath Kidston!

  7. Just came across your site, too cute!! I'm with ya on going to the Cath store! I'd fill my arms with her handbags first!!! Will visit soon, Lori


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