Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Day Out With Zoe

I got to hang out with my girl last week and of course I took pictures!  This is at the Gateway Mall which is in Downtown Salt Lake City.
Pretty pathways, gorgeous flowers...finally spring has arrived!
Hanging out by the water...she loves water!
These water fountains spout water at you never know where the water will pop up next!
Oops!  She almost got soaked!
The grand finale of water played to patriotic music!  Most awesome!
I love these tulips, pansies and the green of the pine trees...
Pretty, pretty, pretty!
Posing with her friends at Old Navy! 


  1. I love that picture with her Old Navy friends. Dylan and Amelia were doing that last week too.

  2. Is this the new mall by the Temple? It looks very nice and how fun to have a fountain. They have a big one in Seattle. I wish I was standing in a fountain right now! It's been 102 or more and so humid. Tell Zoe to stop gettng so big! I want to cuddle with her!oxoxox


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