Monday, March 29, 2010

Shopping Continued...

My trip down town continued....there is a crazy little store called "Cabin Fever"...
it has a little bit of everything...have fun shopping!

I love the vintage tin son loved the big red Octopus!
Vintage toys
Sea life
Don't these chicks look real?  There were tons of them!  Quite ducky!
More ducks
This is where I get my hubby his favorite treats from England...they have meat pies, candies, chocolates, and a great collection of tea pots & tea cups
This little eatery sadly closed...I took this shot through the window...cute display of tea pots!
Loved this sign and the old lamp

Fun little car, eh?
A refrigerator full of yumminess!


  1. That looked like a FUN shopping day!

    Cindy from Tx

  2. Wish I could come shopping with you! Both me and hubby have mini's but not as nice as the union jack one in the pic. Your parcel is filling up nicely just the CK to go in now...excited??? Lucey xx

  3. If I had only known that you would like tea cups! I have a few from my Grandma Vandergrift, that I'll give you.
    I love those ducks!!


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