Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Old & New Favorites!

My house is finally ready for Easter!  I love pulling out my holiday boxes and being reminded of the little treasures I've collected.  Sometimes I forget I've bought something special the year before and tucked it into my box and it's a fun surprise to rediscover the new items in with the old favorites!

These eggs were made last year.  The paper has such fun designs!  The best part was that my friend Jennifer Sanders of Bugs-n-Bees used matching fabric to make adorable
pillowcase dresses!
I loved this paper so much that I couldn't put a picture over it...eventually I may add something but for now, they just hang with the fun designed paper in them!  The frames were 50 cents at my local thrift store.  Zap them with some spray paint and they are like new again!
I love little chicks...these two look like their busy hunting for food...
makes me want to put out some seed for them!
These friendly guys hang out on my living room shelves
I love my peeps...actually, my husband loves peeps...I just like how they look in these jars and my kids like to puff them up in the microwave!  They get really big!
Fabric wrapped eggs...just styrofoam eggs with strips of fabric pinning the fabric down...

Is this one sassy chick or what?  She's my favorite find!  She's a chick with a "tude"!
I love this combo of spring colors


  1. Very fun! I can hardly wait to see all your cute stuff! I need to go shopping with you!

  2. Love all your easter bits especially that plate in the last piccy. Just e mailed you about our swap Lucey xx

  3. Your Easter chicks are gorgeous. Easter decor isn't big here in NZ but I think I'll have to go a search for some cute little chicks.
    And can you tell me exactly what 'peeps' are??


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