Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Ideas are Flowing!

So after posting that fortune I got about getting ideas this week, believe it or not...the ideas starting flooding my brain!  Maybe it's because I finally got a good night sleep last night...or the fact that relatives are coming and I'm motivated...maybe it's because I let myself have some Diet Coke...maybe it really is my fortune!
Whatever the reason...look what I've been up to!

          I love me some diet coke...gets the idea center of the brain flowing....or so I like to tell myself!
Found these cool cardboard letters at a store here in Utah on sale for 99 cents each!
Armed with another favorite tool of mine....spray paint!
Ready for spraying...
The cardboard letters took the spray paint really nice and they dried fast too...
Thought this was a cool picture after I pulled the letters off...
Mounted on my wall using tiny little nails...I think what I was going for was accomplished!  They sit above my book shelves in my sitting room....just in case anyone isn't clear on what we do in this room...everyone will now understand that the sitting room is for READING!
Amazingly enough, more ideas are coming!  Stay tuned, I'm getting my crafty on!


  1. Oh you crafty little minx you. Looks fab! xxx

  2. I love that idea for the sitting room! Your shelves look darling! Is anyone reading in there? That's where I'll go to read Zoe and Mackenzie stories. Do you think they are ready to hear Little House books? I still love those books!


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