Saturday, March 6, 2010

I found one!

I found one!  I checked our local Walmart & found one!  And you know what?  It's a wonderul magazine and I read that thing from cover to was fun to see some of the blogs I follow mentioned such as "Dear Daisy Cottage" and "The Farm Chicks"....more please!


  1. Morning, I just sent you an e mail regarding a swap. Thanks for all your lovely comments the little bread things are yorkshire puddings, made from pancake batter and poured into little tins and cooked ion the oven. The lemonade kitty link button doesn't work I've just found out, but if you delete it and then copy it again it should work. (there was a spelling mistake sorry). Love Lucy xx

  2. I was just at Wallmart yesterday and did not look for the magazine - Drat! I am putting it on the list! I would make a special trip just to get it were I down in the valley ( Phoenix, AZ ) but am up here in the White Mountains right now and our closest WalMart is 18 miles away. Sure it would be worth the trip so maybe later today---before the snow starts tonight!


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