Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Feel Lucky!

Sadly, a little store I love is going to close.  She was selling her displays and I felt very lucky to get this little wired frame....I'm using it to display my Cath Kidston cards. 

Wouldn't this be a nice way to say "Thank You?"

I love Kath Kidston's use of florals & colors! 


  1. What a cute little display. I love her things, and I wish she had a store here in the States. I know I can order certain things online, but its so much nicer to see things in person. Lucky you!

  2. They are darling cards. It gives me ideas for painting my own cards when I get home. How sad she had to close!

  3. Love the looks of the frame display, and Cath Kidston stuff always makes me drool. I have her latest catalog beside me now.


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