Monday, February 8, 2010

Vintage Dick & Jane

So my lovely cousin Karilynn sent me an adorable Dick & Jane calendar....which I will take apart & frame! It's too cute not to frame! Dick & Jane is now considered "vintage" which is funny to me because the Dick & Jane books were what I learned to read on. The words got harder as you progressed in your reading. I remember kindergarten with Ms. Rounds (who later became Mrs. Delgado and I remember being confused by that...especially when she became Ms. Rounds again!) is one of my first real clear memories...we had a whole set up in that room....a kitchen, not the plastic ones you have today, but real wood kitchen, table & chairs, oven, refrigerator...and tons of accessories for the kitchen....and I remember wanting to rearrange how the kitchen was set up....hmmmm...I remember nap mats too...what a blessed time that must've been for the teacher....puttting 20 or more kids down for naps! But we all did it....those are some happy memories....and this calendar brings back those happy memories! Thanks cousin!


  1. I learned to read with Dick and Jane, Spot and Sally, too! Only we weren't taught phonics and Im sorry to this day!

  2. I, also learned to read with Dick and Jane, Spot and Sally! We weren't taught phonics, which was a huge mistake, and I have trouble pronouncing some words to this day!
    This was way back in the 1940's!!!

  3. Your blog is absolutely adorable. I shall not covet. I shall not covet! lol! Ahhh...what memories...naptime. I didn't appreciate them the way I should have!

  4. WOW! this is so cool! i actually have a vintage Dick & Jane book. it's the teachers edition. my sister tracked it down and got it for me for my birthday a couple of years back. i LOVE their stories!!!


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