Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Found It!

So I have this really smart cousin named Karilynn...she knows where & how to find everything vintage.  That girl has an eye...we can be shopping at a flea market in huge crowds, toting kids & other people's kids too and she'll spot a killer deal!  She found the magazine I've been looking for!  Flea Market Style!  I have been hunting for this magazine everywhere!  She found their blog, .  I went and checked them out and it seems that this was a one time deal...they are looking into printing more but need all of us to show that we're interested!  I am!  Are you?  Visit the blog and post a comment so we can get this magazine distributed!  And if you live in Utah and happen to see one...grab me one...
I'll make it worth your while! 


  1. I think I have fixed the comments problem! Before, you would leave a comment and have to wait for me to moderate it or approve it before seeing it posted...I hate that! I like to post and see it on the site right then & there...sorry for any frustration, I think I fixed it now! So post away and you'll see the comment on the post right away!

  2. If you like vintage, Mike did a website last year for this girl. It is called It has a bunch of vintage prints!

  3. Good, I'm for that!


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