Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Flea Market Finds!

A few weeks ago I headed off to Denver to meet up with a bunch of my cousins who also love hunting for vintage treasures, thrift store shopping & flea markets! Denver is a great area for this and I found so many things at killer prices...it's all about the deal you know!
Eric & Mindy (below) peruse the light fixtures...Eric was such a good sport hanging out with a bunch of thrift store nutty women! I just love him! And Mindy is smokin hot! The girls had 3 kids and she looks amazing! Can you picture me gaggin myself with my finger? Love ya Minds!
Vintage Valentines were the hot ticket item! We raced around the flea market and found so many different kinds!
I was so excited to find this Valentine plate! It was listed at $8.99 and when I went to pay for it was told it was half off! Don't ya just love when that happens!

These great vintage trays were $2 each...I should've bought them all!

This vintage Sears scale was an amazing find and a score at $4!
The jello book is hysterical....and I quote..."at half past five Mrs. Dewey opened the refrigerator to get a glass of milk for Nancy's supper. Wonder if that Jell-O's begun to set yet? She touched one of the molds with an inquiring finger - stopped short - then picked it up and shook it. Set! Already! Why, I can't believe it. But all the other little molds confirmed the news.
Perfectly set - in only a little over an hour. Quivering - tender."
Is that hysterical or not....I'm seriously gonna try some of the recipes!

These are just a few of my finds....I can't wait to go back again!


  1. I'm QUIVERING over your TENDER post! Really that weekend was awesome and will definitely be a highlight of my 2010!
    Love you!

  2. That looks like so much fun, and those finds are awesome. I love that quote, that is hilarious.


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