Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas at the Ishmael House!

So loading pictures on a blog is hard! I never know how to do it right...last to first or first to I gave up and just posted randomly....but here is what Christmas was like this year at our house!

In the picture below, our little one is talking to her big brother who is on a mission in Chicago!
Visiting the reindeer at Thanksgiving Point and running into our bestest friends! Now that was a treat! We really love these guys!
You'll find little elves tucked everywhere at our house, in the light fixtures, throughout the tree and hanging onto lamps....note the cute vintage paper he is holding...found that little treasure at Thanksgiving Point!

Every year the kids all sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve....and in the morning, they wait until the adults have gone down to make sure Santa arrived safely and gifts were delivered...they wait while tree lights are turned on, the fire is lit in the fireplace and Christmas music is's pure torture....this year we were ready to call them downstairs when my husband got a call from his brother in England...the call lasted an hour!! They were so patient, but really?
An hour?

Games are big at our house!

Does Santa crochet? Isn't this ear warmer just adorable? I think the girl is adorable too!

This year we had gigantic cinnamon rolls from "The Wheat Lady" in good!
They are so huge they fit in a cake box!

Ok, I got my crafty on and made some felt donuts....they turned out so fun and my little one just loves playing with them!

Eggs & Sausage anyone?

Santa brought me...oops, I mean he brought our little girl a retro pink kitchen! Is this so fun or what?

Christmas comes so fast every's such a bummer when it ends! Hope yours was wonderful! Now for New Years!


  1. That is freakin adorable. You need to go into biz-ness.

  2. I love that kitchen. It is super cute. I hate fake food though. I feel that anything that looks like food should be edible, and those eggs, sausages and donuts looks so tasty.

    That ear warmer is adorable and so is that girl. It actually the cutest combo of ear warmer and girl that I've seen, seriously.

  3. What a fun Christmas - ditto on Amber's comment, you do need to whip up some of those fake foods and sell them! Cute pics of the kids! We hope Eric is having a great mission!

  4. Christine ~ what a fun Christmas! Those cinnamon rolls look scrumptious, I live in A.F. who is the wheat lady?? I must get her rolls. Please give me any information you can. Thanks.

  5. The donuts are so cute, as is the pink kitchen. I may be twenty, but I think I need it.


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