Monday, October 5, 2009

Corn Stalkers

So my best GF and I went trompin through some corn fields...word is the old farmer planted a couple acres worth of corn and his darn grandkids wouldn't harvest it for he stopped watering it and told everyone to pick as much as they want! It was a score for free corn stalks too....! I love me some free stuff! We did plant corn this year at the Ishmael farm but literally got about 20 stalks...we'll do better next year! Here are some pictures of our crazy day in the corn....! We were picking pretty late and looked up at one point and the temple lights came on...gorgeous!

The corn field was right next to the temple and when it got dark, the lights came on...gorgeous!

Shanon makes an adorable farm girl! She was a crazy good corn picker!

We rewarded ourselves with some delicious Peanut buttery Pad Thai from Pei Wei' good!

Dessert was diet coke & fortune cookies!

We filled 3 Ikea bags each with corn! My freezer is stock full of corn! And this makes me happy!

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  1. Oh, Wow! What a beautiful view while picking corn. That is a gorgeous picture of the temple!!


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