Wednesday, September 2, 2009

She's Home

Our daughter has returned from her summer long adventure in New Jersey! She's now completed her internship and is 100% graduated with a degree in Rec Therapy!
Everyone helped to be ready for her return....

We painted her room!

We washed her bedding (cause we're nice like that!)

We baked her a treat (zucchinni brownies!)

Curbside pickup at the airport along with her 500 lbs of luggage
(or so it seemed)

Now she has to GET A JOB!
Welcome Home Chelsea!


  1. Sister Pratt/ GrandmaSeptember 02, 2009 11:47 PM

    Hi, Chelsea. Is your room in the basement? It looks nice and bright with the walls painted white. If we were home you could stay with us. I sure loved it when you were with us and gave us missionary tips.
    Congratuations on earning your diploma!

  2. Ok I feel guilty, because I should be welcoming Chelsea home too, but all I can think of are those zuchini brownies!!!! Now, where's the recipe? LOL!!!

    Hey! come and see me sometime! Follow me, and I will so follow you! LOL


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