Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day of Pre-School

So my little nugget is off for pre-school with "Teacher Wendy" of her most favorite peoples in the world! (besides me)...I love Teacher Wendy as much as Zoe does because she is so patient and kind and really loves all of these little kids she watches! She bakes and makes crafts with the kids and well..., she keeps me sane because I have one of those 3 year olds who is a bit on the wild never know what gonna happen with her next...God bless her! The best perk about Teacher Wendy is she's just 3 houses away from our house and little Ms. Zoe feels like a "big girl" cause she can walk all by herself to "school"...(with me watching from the porch of course!)

One funny thing about the first day of pre-school. Zoe told Charity, (her 4 year old friend) to "come and look Charity", "there's a mouse outside!" Well the little mouse turned out to be a newborn puppy! Teacher Wendy's dog had just given birth! And Teacher Wendy didn't even know the blasted dog was pregnant! AND that blasted dog went on to give birth to two more puppies! Surprise Teacher Wendy! And now my 3 year old knows where babies come from! It's been an exciting topic of discussion this week!
Thanks Teacher Wendy!


  1. She is so stinkin' cute. I love that dog story.

  2. How funny! I wish I was there to hear all the comments.


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