Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall is in the Air!

So on my walk around my neighborhood park I noticed these little ball thingies dangling from the trees...and TONS of them! The air was so crisp and chill and I get all excited for fall weather & decorating! So I picked one and I'm gonna leave this little guy on my porch a few days and see how it dries...if it passes my test, then "it" and a bunch of it's friends will be filling my apothecary jars! I love finding things in nature that I can use in my home....1) the colors & textures are beyond anything you can find in a store and 2) it's free! I'll keep you posted on the results! My other apothecary jar will be filled with Jack Little pumpkins that we actually grew in our garden this year (patting myself on the back as it's our first garden!)...We also grew some big pumpkins too! I fill my porch with pumpkins every year so I'm so excited about the money I'll be saving!

Ball Thingies (anyone know what they are actually called?)

Jack Little Pumpkins


  1. I love those powder pods! As a kid we'd smash them and called the powder itchy powder. Many pranks were pulled with those prickly things!

  2. I found out they are called sweetgum from a liquid amber tree...have you noticed if they dry brown or do they stay green?

  3. I believe they dry brown, but don't quote me. Happy decorating!


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