Monday, August 3, 2009

Retro vs Vintage

Retro vs. Vintage...anyone know the difference? I think these cool tin signs I picked up at a little shop called "Sugar & Spice" are considered retro...maybe it's the era? If you do know the diff, please post a comment so I can edumacate myself! I saw these and they brought back memories of summertime drive-in theatres, these characters dancing on the screen informing of all the yummy stuff available at the snack bar...! I remember laying in the back of our family station wagon, watching a movie and a love scene coming on the screen and my mother yelling to my Dad! "OMGosh! Let's get out of here! The kids can't see this stuff! My Dad hauled out of the theatre and we watched the love scene unfolding (which is probably rated G these days) as we drove away from the theatre...! I think the movie was Love Story....good times! To this day I remember that love scene! So much for my Mom trying to protect me! At least that time it didn't work! I hung these little guys in my office...aren't they sweet?


  1. I never said OMG in my entire like! I don't ever remember using the Lord's name in vain. I demand a retraction!! I never even said, just the initials.
    I do admit a little H word or d word. Not in years, though. I still love you, Mom oxoxox
    I did get us out of that drive-in movie. So whatever I said, worked.

  2. These are so cute. I remember the dancing ads at the drive in. Thanks for the chance to recall this snippet from the past.


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