Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Stuff for the Show

Vintage Post Cards

Halloween Banners
Halloween Candles

So I've been a busy little crafter and have made a few more items for the upcoming show at Fallow Field Farms...had lunch with Ms. Marci who owns Fallow Field Farm and found out that we have a lot in common! It's fun to find friends in the biz and pick their brains for better ways to do things...Halloween is around the corner and in our neighborhood we do Halloween right! Thousands of Trick-or-Treaters flock to our neighborhood every year because several of us do the Harry Potter themed is so much fun to be surrounded by such amazing and talented people (all of whom are my neighbors)! Can't wait! Check out the link to the Fallow Field Farm show on my blog...just scroll down a little further...there it is....on the left! See the cute little truck? Now click!

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  1. cute, cute, cute miss christine! i want to come to your neighborhood for halloween, i'm a total potter geek.;D


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