Monday, July 20, 2009

Next Project

So I've had this little school desk sitting in my basement for years! I'm pulling it out, starting the sanding process and it should turn out adorable! Back-to-school is around the corner and I like to put it out on my porch in September....any suggestions on what color I should paint it? I always end up with of my favorite colors...I'll keep you posted on my progress! And I apologize, my camera has been having issues...there always seems to be a white mist over my pictures.


  1. So cute! I love antique school desks! I have one in my kitchen for Carter to do his homework at. I say leave it the wood tone and just get a new stain that you like.

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  3. If you put it out on your porch and it goes missing, don't look at me, no no no I would NEVER take it!;) I say red too. You can never go wrong with red.
    (that last comment was me, I was signed in under the wrong account)

  4. I say paint it yellow, my favorite color. That's what I'd do.


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