Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sadie Huish

My dear young friend Sadie lost her battle to DIPG, a rare brain stem tumor called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. She passed in the early morning of June 25th...just one day before my show. I really battled with whether or not I should cancel the show but had contracts with many vendors that I could not break. I did not ever want the sweet Huish family to think that I was having a good time while they are truly suffering. I lost it many times during those two days and was in constant prayer for their family. It was good though to spend time with the other women at the show...to share our feelings for our children and how as mothers we would feel if put in their shoes and to express our love of the Huish Family. The thing that kept going through my mind is God is good! And he is...as we pray for the Huish family to ease their suffering and to bear them up through this terrible loss you realize he has been there all along. Along with our sweet savior who bears our burdens. Our whole community mourns for Sadie and we will miss her terribly. I had the great privilege of being her Primary teacher along with Angela Lundberg & Marissa Pehrson. I know that Sadie touched the lives of many including neighbors, strangers, family, friends, doctors & nurses and that she truly lived a valiant life, one that is pleasing to her Father in Heaven. The first day of our show presented itself with huge winds, rainstorms, thunder & lightning and it was very frustrating. The show ended, people left and it was suddenly quiet in my home. I was able to look out and see the most beautiful site which would not have been present had there not been so much rain....a rainbow, Sadie's rainbow. Although away from her earthly home, she is home with Father. God bless all of you! Please take time to read Sadie's blog. Her mother's ability to express herself through this past 16 months is an inspiration. I love you Tiffany! http://www.sadiehuish.blogspot.com I will miss little Sadie!


  1. Very well said! I love you, Christine. You are compassionate, loving and kind. You are right about reading Sadie's blog. It is so beautiful. Sadie's mom expresses herself so eloquently. Our prayers are with their family.

  2. This computer jumped over to anon when I was typing in my identity. I don't want Christine to think some weirdo is after her. So, I'll just sign, Mom .oxoxoxoxox


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