Sunday, September 28, 2008

Looking Forward to November's Show!

We just completed our second "Oh Sweet Sadie" show at the homes in Daybreak. The house was my dream home...5 bedrooms, beautiful built in cabinetry throughout the house, the kitchens in both homes were gorgeous...! And only $699,000! Way out of my price range! I came home to my smaller house and thought of ways to make my house look like the expensive one! I do appreciate the fact that I have so much less to clean. The weekend was so wonderful, beautiful weather and so many neat people came to this weekend's show. It's fun to meander around the two homes and listen to people's comments about the show and hear how cute they thought everything was. We as vendors love what we's a lot of hard work and stress getting ready for a show, but we enjoy crafting! For me it's an escape from my day to day responsibilities and it brings me joy! Thank you to all who came and shared this weekend with us! We look forward to the November shows. Mark your calendars for November 13th - 15th, November 20th - 22nd and December 4th - the 6th! Keep checking out Oh Sweet for more information and directions! We look forward to showing you the pictures from the show!

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