Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I am so inspired by a blogspot my friend Lindsey Rhoton shared with me. It has such fun and amazing ideas....I'm sure there are millions of inspiring blogs out there with fun ideas...I hope to create that type of blogspot...I'm new at this so bare with me while I get better and better....I found this vintage site ( that explains how I feel about Motherhood sometimes....I love being a Mom & yet am so overwhelmed by my responsibilities at times, but the payoff is amazing! Having 3 older children who have now accomplished returning from a mission, (Rochester, NY!), one is waiting for his mission call, (should be here tomorrow, we are so excited!), highschool & seminary graduations...(you go Kayla!) I am so completely in awe & so proud of the amazing things my children have accomplished. I'm so excited for their futures...all the hard work, stress and concern for them slowly but surely pays off....I wish them so much success & happiness!

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